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With all the technology that is available now, almost anyone has the capability to snap an amazing picture. After getting the picture, framing is the next step in order to admire your handy work. However, what type of frame should you choose? The options include wood, metallic, and color. Visit a framing shop near oak brook il to see all of the available choices!


There are more options with picking wood frames. Dark versus light wood depends on the overall look of the picture. Cool tones complement light wood while warm tones are best with dark wood. Designs within the frame can be intricate or simple and easily matched with the home décor. Wood frames are perfect if you want to convey a natural look. Candid pictures look amazing in wood frames.


Metallic frames give a classy feel to the framed picture. They are great for a modern themed room because of the simplicity. The metal can also help the color in the picture stand out more. Landscapes and family pictures work well in metallic frames. They also make black and white photographs stand out. Just make sure that the frame does not match the wall color exactly.


Use colored frame to match the color palette for the room where the picture will hang. It will keep the room’s feel and balance stable. Colored frames are also great for black and white photos. Mixing the simplicity of the photo with the pop of color can bring the picture to another level and draw people’s eyes to the picture. The best part of colored frames is that there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you still need help finding the frame, reach out to an employee in the store. They will help you match the frame to the picture to create the perfect pairing. Then the memory will last forever!

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