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Starting up your own business may be the American dream, but if you don’t go about advertising properly, it can be a nightmare. There are so many aspects of marketing your product that can keep the customers coming if you are just aware of them. Consider some of the following ideas to advertise your new up-and-coming business.

Social Media

The Twitterverse buzzes with all kinds of information day and night. Take advantage of this and get yourself talked about. Likewise, Facebook is a potential gold mine for those who advertise there, because people can spend literally hours a day perusing social media – often while stopped in slow traffic or red lights. Post on both Facebook and Twitter frequently about sales, specials, or even commentary about current events just to get your name noticed. Hold contests with giveaways or discounts. Start a blog showing ways your products can be used to make people’s lives better.

Advertise on the Roadways

Billboards and other roadside print signage can be big business especially if you can come up with a clever idea. Drivers only have a few seconds to view your sign, so add something clever, eye-catching or humorous so that people will watch for your sign on their daily commute. You can further monopolize the roadways by having your car, van or truck wrapped or painted in some of the attention-getting custom vehicle graphics Austin TX businesses choose for advertising on the go. This should include your company name, contact information and a clever phrase or graphic.

Radio and Television

Though many people are watching television at home, you can conquer the roadway by sponsoring some radio advertising. You could have your product’s message going out to thousands of drivers every day during their commutes. You can buy packages for specific times of the day to capitalize on the rush hour traffic.

When it comes to getting your product or company noticed, don’t underestimate the power of advertising on the roadways of America. Take advantage of having a captive audience and let them know you’re out there.

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