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While artists and art lovers get so captivated by art, laymen, and folks who would not care less if they had their walls decorated with art thinks it’s merely an obsession without a cause. They just can’t see what art lovers see, and in most cases are less concerned about whatever it is. I think there’s a justifiable reason for that. The meaning of these art pieces are often not given with simplicity or made as direct as possible. It sometimes takes more than a story from the artist for anyone to understand the piece. This is why the art museums attach the meaning of every piece just next to them for a more comprehensive view.

ArtRepublic has a series of published reviews, articles, academic papers and books of the famous and most captivating list of arts from centuries to date. It is better to have these arts broken down into explanatory terms everyone can relate with sometimes, other than leaving some out to dry without an understanding of the piece.

Some artists love to make viewers give the piece of art whatever meaning they read from it. They claim art to be more of a personal journey than a collective one. Every art viewer should be allowed to create the story behind every artwork and ascribe a title to it if possible too. This school of thought thinks it would be a completely art-depriving experience to draw out the fun of having diverse views to one object of art.

From what we just saw in the last paragraph, it is clear that everyone has a different view of art. Even the so-called creators of art sometimes have contrasting views about each other’s pieces. In an art exhibition I recently attended in early 2018; two contemporary artists had this little dispute about why the art exhibitor used certain drawing materials. The visiting artist even went as far as asking for the inspiration behind a couple of strokes and color selections. I felt it was too must questions, why wouldn’t he just enjoy the artwork and leave, right?

In the right sense, it is not wrong for an artist to just paint whatever and however it comes to him/her, and I think that’s what making art is anyways. The ability to be in charge of creating something that speaks of how you feel at a particular time without constraint. Until recently, I got to understand that irrespective of it being your sole creation, there was a reason you chose a certain subject to paint about. There should be a reason you decided to move in that direction and not in the opposite. So is art the same for everyone? No, it isn’t. The creator and the viewer should be given the freedom to express what they feel and can see in every piece. Better more, categories of viewing choices should be made available in every art exhibition. Sections in which the museums are allowed to explain a piece should be different from where the viewers are allowed to feed their imaginations

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