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In this instant communication world, children can conveniently look up information. Alexa, Siri and Google provide quick and easy answers, yet they cannot encourage independent thinking and creativity. Both of these skills become necessary as adults, helping with problem-solving as well as social and emotional development.  How, then, do parents in this modern age continue to foster cognitive growth and encourage out-of-the-box ideas? Here are some suggestions that might promote critical thinking.  

Unplug the Tech

It’s okay for them to be “bored”. Try to turn off technology for a set amount of time each day. Kids need both. Watching Elmo or Sofia the First isn’t problematic until they can’t live without it. Pull out puzzles. Let them explore a book. Dig out some building blocks. Spend some time showing them how to play. Afterwards, allow your little ones to figure it out by themselves. These activities focus on concentration and individual thought. 

Find the Right Preschool

Early childhood education can establish social skills and early learning foundations. Consider your child’s personality and needs. As you look at schools, search for locations that allow for multi-sensory education, particularly kinesthetic learning. Youngsters have SO MUCH energy, but that’s not a negative. Rather, it is an opportunity for movement (which may help the brain learn). Schools such as sammamish private schools promote choices and sensory activities.

Schedule Art Time

While at school, kids might complete art projects; however encourage it at home too. Dig out the paints or crayons.  Proudly place that artwork on the fridge as a symbol of accomplishment and unique thought. It’s okay if the tree is red. The mind is working.

Perform Science Experiments

Have some sensory fun with little science. While the scientific field follows rules, it also teaches kids to hypothesize and accept new results. What worked? What needs to change? Can you do it again and find success? The little ones have fun exploring, but they also learn life isn’t perfect and easy. It takes practice and open-minds.

It’s okay to ask Alexa a question, but try to balance that with other activities.

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