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Music as Art

primbondh/ August 8, 2019/ arts and music, arts to education, school of arts

Musicians are artists. It might be easy for a musician to get lost in a list of Boston piano dealers, or Los Angeles guitar shops because their instrument is their livelihood. Art is characterized by expression of emotion, but it does not have to be limited to paintings, drawings or sculptures. Music has key similarities to traditional art, despite its couple of differences. 


Music could be described as the sum of its parts, just like art. Each sound in a song is uniquely composed into a larger product. Every note blends into the next one to create a cohesive song. Traditional art is much the same. Each brush stroke or drawn line serves as a key component for the overall piece of work. It is composed in a precise way to create the final product. More importantly, both music and traditional art can elicit emotion. They are both … Read More